A double chin can be treated in various ways, depending on your situation. Surgery is not always necessary for this.

When there is a small amount of fat, fat-dissolving injections can be a solution. These fat-dissolving injections consist of bile salts that naturally occur in the body. These bile salts, specifically “deoxycholic acid,” are used during the normal digestion of food containing fat. Deoxycholic acid is intended to remove fat accumulations that do not respond to exercise and dieting.

In addition to dissolving fat, there is also a possibility to melt fat through ‘internal heating’ – a technique in which subcutaneous fat is heated using energy. This melting of fat is directly accompanied by a skin-tightening effect on the jawline and neck.

In addition to dissolving fat and tightening the skin, treating the jawline and chin with fillers can often enhance the improvement of a double chin. A tighter jawline lifts the neck and the double chin back to its original position.


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Frequently asked questions

Vet-dissolving injections consist of deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile salt naturally present in the body. The substance is injected into the subcutaneous fat tissue, where it activates fat cells and breaks down the cell wall. Through normal metabolic processes, the fat is then metabolized. Deoxycholic acid is intended to remove fat accumulations that do not respond to exercise and diets.

Temporary local discomfort may occur after the injection, but it usually quickly subsides. Since the treatment involves injections, there is always a chance of some swelling, redness, and a potential bruise. We recommend applying cold packs after the treatment.

During the normal course of the treatment, there may be some swelling during the first 2 weeks. After this period, the results start to become visible, and the final outcome of the treatment is seen after 4-6 weeks. The treatment can be safely repeated and can be done in a series for optimal results.

The result is permanent, meaning the damaged fat cells that have been eliminated by the body will not regrow. However, in the case of weight gain, the remaining fat cells can potentially increase in volume again.

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