What is Endolifting?

Endolifting is an advanced new cosmetic procedure that provides a natural lifting effect by firming the skin using subcutaneous radiofrequency waves (RF) and, where necessary, restoring volume loss or improving skin quality. Depending on the desired effect, one can opt for skin tightening with biostimulating autologous “platelet-rich plasma” (PRP), stem cells, fillers, or a combination of these. Endolift is the specialty of Doctor Brandt, who has been performing this procedure since 2016. He customizes the treatment for each individual by combining different elements for optimal natural results.


How does a stem cell treatment work?

Stem cells are the body’s own cells that are in an early stage, often referred to as ‘baby cells,’ and can develop into various types of cells such as muscle, skin, cartilage, or nerve cells. The location where the stem cell is reintroduced determines the type of cell it will grow into. In this way, aging or damaged tissue can renew/regenerate itself through a stem cell ‘transplantation.’

These stem cells are abundant in the superficial subcutaneous fat, from which they can be extracted with a minor procedure under local anesthesia. After a brief filtering process, the stem cells can be reintroduced into various areas such as the scalp (hair growth), face (treatment of volume loss, wrinkles, etc.), scars, worn-out joints, and the applications are endless.


What is PRP?

PRP is an abbreviation for ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma.’ PRP consists of filtered plasma from your own blood, hence the nickname “Vampire Facelift.” PRP is filtered from your own blood and contains, among other things, platelets with growth factors. Platelets contain more than 30 bioactive proteins, many of which are active in blood clotting and wound healing. After injection into the skin, the platelets are activated, releasing stimulating signals to the cells in the skin. The use of PRP leads to improved blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen. The effect of growth factors is described as “an espresso shot for the skin.” Platelets do not have a cell nucleus and are safe to use.


What is PlexR soft surgery?

PlexR soft surgery uses plasma energy to stimulate cell renewal and tighten the skin. The energy pulses penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. The skin rejuvenating effect of plasma energy can be used for various purposes where improving skin texture or tightening is desired.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Endolifting is an advanced ‘energy-based’ cosmetic treatment that utilizes energy for skin tightening. During Endolift, the subcutaneous layers are stimulated with a cannula that delivers radiofrequency energy. The result is ‘internal heating,’ prompting the skin to produce new supporting cells such as collagen and elastin during the recovery process. Dr. Brandt has performed over 500 Endolift treatments using the ‘Innofill RF filler injection system,’ and the results are stunningly natural.

The Endolift treatment is relatively labor-intensive compared to a filler treatment, especially when combined with PRP or fillers, an appointment can easily last 1-2 hours – please keep this in mind. In general, Endolift is not perceived as painful. If you find it very nerve-wracking or are afraid of needles, let us know in advance, and we can work together to make the treatment as pain-free as possible.

In a PlexR treatment, plasma energy is used, similar to static energy or lightning. Controlled energy pulses are delivered to the skin in a PlexR treatment. Upon contact with the skin, the energy is converted into heat, causing the upper layer of the skin to evaporate, and a new skin layer forms over the next few days. In the deeper layers of the skin, cell renewal is stimulated, and a contraction of collagen and elastin fibers occurs, resulting in tighter skin.

Immediately after the treatment, there are small holes in the superficial skin layer. In the first days of recovery, there is usually mild to moderate swelling, and scabs form, which usually fall off on their own within a few days. For optimal results, it is important to let the scabs fall off naturally. This typically happens within 4-6 days. Afterward, new pink skin emerges. It is important to protect the skin from the sun by applying sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) as long as the skin still has a pinkish color. The color difference will fade naturally.


“PRP is an abbreviation for ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma.’ PRP consists of filtered plasma from your own blood, hence the nickname ‘Vampire Facelift.’ PRP is filtered from your own blood and contains, among other components, platelets. These platelets contain growth factors that instruct the skin to produce new cells such as collagen and elastin.”

“PRP is autologous, so there is no risk of allergic reactions. The injections themselves may cause mild skin reactions or a bruise, similar to other injections.”

A PRP treatment stimulates the skin to generate new cells that make the skin more elastic and firmer. Additionally, new blood vessels are formed, improving the blood circulation of the skin. The result is a beautiful natural ‘glow’ that becomes visible in the days to weeks following the treatment.

Costs of the treatment

It is possible to combine the treatment with the removal of wrinkles on other parts of the face. Check our price list for a complete overview.

“Vampire facial” with autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP + microneedling full face – €400

PRP + microneedling full face + neck  – €700

Frown – €175

Frown + brow lift MINI – €250

Frown + crows feet – €300

Frown + crows feet + brow lift – €350

Frown + crows feet + brow lift + forehead – €400


Crows feet – €175

Crows feet + brow lift – €250

Crows feet + brow lift + forehead – €300


Migraine treatment from – €175

Masseter / teeth grinding – €400

Excessive sweating armpits – €550


Botox lips “Lipflip”  – €75**

Wrinkles under eyes with Botox – €75
Gummy smile correction – €75
Chin dimples correction – €75
Nasal wrinkles “bunny lines” – €75
Nasal tip lift – €75

*Prices are for the standard dosage in our guideline.

**For Botox treatments, there is a minimum purchase of 1 zone at €175.

0,5 ml. – €300

1.0 ml. – €500

Under-eye bags “tear troughs” – €500

Lips – volume and contours – €500


MINI Lift (2-3 ml.)

Midface – cheeks and cheekbones – €1100

Lowerface – jawline and chin – €1100

Full face – €2000


MAX Lift (4-5 ml)

Midface – cheeks and cheekbones – €1650

Lowerface – jawline and chin – €1650

Full face – €3000

Radiesse 1,5 ml. – €550

Radiesse neck tightening – €550

Radiesse jawline and neck tightening – €1000

Endolift skin tightening + autologous PRP / microneedling – €1100

Endolift skin tightening + fillers midface (MINI-MAX) – €1650-€2250

Endolift skin tightening + fillers lower face (MINI-MAX) – €1650-€2250

Endolift skin tightening + fillers full face (MINI-MAX) – €2500-€3500

**Carte Blanche**

Endolift skin tightening + fillers full face (MINI-MAX) + PRP + Profhilo  – €3000-€4000

PlexR small area / large area (pigment/scars/wrinkles and more)  – €300 – €500

PlexR skin tightening upper eyelids -€500

PlexR skin tightening lower eyelids -€500

PlexR skin tightening upper face (including upper eyelids and crow’s feet) – €850

PlexR skin tightening midface (including lower eyelids and nasolabial folds) – €850

PlexR skin tightening lower face (including wrinkles around the mouth and jawline) – €850

PlexR skin tightening 2 zones (choice of upper, mid, and lower face) – €1500

PlexR skin tightening full face (including aftercare) – €2000

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