Results dr. Brandt

This is a result 2 weeks after a combination treatment with Botox and fillers.

Botox was used for a brow-lifting treatment, automatically softening frown lines and crow’s feet.

Volume loss under the eyes and at the support points of the cheeks was restored with fillers. The results of the Botox treatment typically last 3-6 months, and the results of the fillers typically last 9-15 months.

Botox behandeling amsterdam

The ‘mini-lift’ is a customized treatment where the support points of the face are restored using a combination of various fillers that restore volume and improve the skin. In this case, a small amount of Botox was also used to soften wrinkles under the eyes. The goal of the treatment: a natural and fresh look.

Liquid facelift dokter Brandt Amsterdam

This is a result of a filler treatment for under-eye bags/dark circles in a man.

The fillers are applied using a layered technique to soften the shadow under the eyes, commonly known as “tear troughs.” The results typically last an average of 6-12 months.

wallen behandeling voor en na

This is a result of a so-called liquid facelift. For this lovely lady, we divided the treatment into several sessions for the most natural outcome.

Treated areas:

  • under the eyes “eye bags/dark circles”
  • Cheeks and cheekbone lift
  • Tightening jawline and chin
natuurlijk resultaat fillers dokter Brandt amsterdam
Finding the right balance between effectiveness and subtlety manifests in the most beautiful results. Drs. Christopher J. Brandt - Cosmetic doctor KNMG

This is the result immediately after a lifting treatment with fillers by Dr. Brandt. It is evident that the jawline is more defined, the corners of the mouth are lifted, and the cheeks have a refreshed volume. The recovery is mild, with optimal effects visible after a few weeks.

Liquid facelift voor en na

This is the result 2 weeks after a filler treatment for under-eye bags or “tear troughs.” In this treatment, the support point of the cheeks/cheekbones was also restored with a mini-lift. The results typically last an average of 9-15 months.

fillers voor en na wallen onder ogen behandeling dokter brandt

Mini-lift contour treatment for the cheek/cheekbone. Combination treatment with Belotero and Radiesse for lifting and improving firmness and skin quality. Results after 2 weeks.

mini lift midface dokter brandt cosmetisch arts amsterdam

This is the result of a liquid facelift for the midface and lower face using a combination technique. This lady was not eligible for a surgical facelift and sought a non-surgical alternative. Results after 2 weeks.

liquid facelift dokter brandt

Result of a “mini-lift” of the midface. The focus here is on restoring the youthful contour of the cheek/cheekbone. The result is a lift in gravitational effects, such as the nasolabial fold, and a restoration of a more youthful appearance. The after photo was taken a few hours after the treatment: there’s a mild skin reaction, but barely noticeable that you’ve had a treatment.

fillers voor en na liquid facelift

This is a result after a Botox treatment by Dr. Brandt. By relaxing the squinting muscles around the eyes, a fresher and more open look is achieved. The result is a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. An additional benefit: the lifting effect feels like taking off a heavy backpack.

Botox wenkbrauwlift dokter brandt

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