MMigraine is a chronic neurological condition characterized by intense headache attacks. Botox for migraines is an effective treatment because it addresses increased muscle tension, a known triggering factor for migraine attacks.

Various scientific studies have demonstrated positive effects of Botox for headaches in patients suffering from chronic migraine with ≥ 15 headache days per month. These studies show a reduction in headache attacks and an improved quality of life. Additionally, a decrease is observed in related symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The treatment of migraine with Botox has been found to be effective and safe.

The Treatment

Firstly, the areas of headache points are identified, which are often the frown area (between the eyebrows), the forehead, the temples, or the muscles at the back of the head/neck. The cost of the treatment depends on the number of regions treated. An average treatment is simple, quick, and virtually painless. The effect typically lasts for 3-6 months, after which the treatment can be repeated without issues.


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Costs of the treatment

It is possible to combine the treatment with the removal of wrinkles in other parts of the face. Check our price list for the complete overview. Prices are applicable for the standard dosage according to our guidelines.

Frown – €175

Frown + eyebrow lift MINI – €250

Frown+ crow’s feet – €300

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift– €350

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €400


Crow’s feet – €175

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift – €250

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €300


Migraine treatment from – €175

Jaw muscles / teeth grinding – €400

Excessive sweating armpits – €550


Botox lips “Lipflip”  – €75**

Under-eye wrinkles with Botox  – €75**

Gummysmile – €75**

Chin dimples – €75**

Bunny lines – €75**

Nosetip lift – €75**

*The prices apply to the standard dosage as per our guidelines.

***For Botox treatments, there is a minimum purchase requirement of 1 zone at a value of €175.

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