How does PlexR work?

With Plasma treatments, short energy pulses are transferred to the skin where they are converted into heat. This causes the top layer of the skin to evaporate, and in the deeper skin layer, tightening occurs due to the shrinking of collagen/elastin fibers. Simultaneously, cell renewal in the deeper skin layers is stimulated, resulting in the creation of healthy new skin and improved skin quality. The results are long-lasting and can be repeated multiple times without risks for optimal results.

What can you treat with PlexR?

– Tightening loose skin on the eyelids (eyelid correction)

– Reducing wrinkles such as crow’s feet and smoker’s lines

– Removing pigmentation spots and age spots

– Removing age warts and other bumps/pimples/spots

– Improving scars, such as acne scars

– Treating acne


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Frequently asked questions

During a PlexR treatment, plasma energy is used, which is known from static energy or lightning, for example. In a PlexR treatment, controlled energy pulses are applied to the skin. Upon contact with the skin, the energy is converted into heat, causing the upper skin layer to evaporate, and a new skin layer forms over the course of the next few days. In the deeper layers of the skin, cell renewal is stimulated, and a contraction of collagen and elastin fibers occurs, resulting in tighter skin.

A skin-renewing ‘resurfacing’ treatment can be sensitive, depending on the treated area. For this reason, we use local anesthesia with cream or an injection. After the treatment, the skin may feel a bit tingling, “as if you’ve been in the sun for too long.” This sensation typically subsides within 24 hours.


Immediately after the treatment, small holes are present in the superficial skin layer. In the first days of recovery, there is usually mild to moderate swelling, and scabs form, which naturally fall off after a few days. For optimal results, it’s important to let the scabs fall off naturally. This typically occurs on its own within 4-6 days. After this, new pink skin emerges. It’s crucial to protect the skin from the sun by applying sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) as long as the skin still has a pinkish tint. The color difference will naturally fade away over time.

The advantage of plasma treatments over techniques such as lasers and electrical devices is that the energy pulses are confined to the surface of the skin without penetrating into the deeper layers where they could cause damage. This makes the treatment safe, and issues such as scarring and pigment disturbances are less likely to occur when performed by an experienced physician. After the treatment, the healing skin is extra sensitive, so it’s important to provide adequate protection against the sun.

The results of a PlexR treatment are considered ‘semi-permanent.’ This means that the skin-tightening and smoothing effects are long-lasting, but over time, the impact becomes less noticeable due to new skin aging. On average, the results of a treatment remain visible for up to 2 years.

Costs of the treatment

It is possible to combine the treatment with the removal of wrinkles on other parts of the face. Please refer to our price list for a complete overview of available options.


2 ml Profhilo – €350

Course of 2 Profhilo treatments – €650

Course of 3 Profhilo treatments – €1000


“Vampire facial” with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP):

PRP + microneedling for the entire face – €400

PRP + microneedling for the entire face + neck – €700


Fat removal with injections (Belkyra):

Jawline – €500

Submental area / neck – €500

Course of 2 Belkyra treatments – €900

Course of 3 Belkyra treatments – €1300

Frown – €175

Frown + eyebrow lift MINI – €250

Frown+ crow’s feet – €300

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift– €350

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €400


Crow’s feet – €175

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift – €250

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €300


Migraine treatment from – €175

Masseter / teeth grinding – €400

Excessive transpiration armpits – €550


Botox lips “Lipflip”  – €75**

Under-eye wrinkles with Botox  – €75**

Gummysmile – €75**

Chin dimples – €75**

Bunny lines – €75**

Nosetip lift – €75**

*The prices apply to the standard dosage as per our guidelines.

***For Botox treatments, there is a minimum purchase requirement of 1 zone at a value of €175.

Dermal Fillers:

0.5 ml – €300

1.0 ml – €500

Under-eye bags “tear troughs” – €500

Lips – volume and contours – €500


MINI Lift (2-3 ml):

Midface – cheeks and cheekbones – €1100

Lower face – jawline and chin – €1100

Full face – entire face – €2000


MAX Lift (4-5 ml):

Midface – cheeks and cheekbones – €1650

Lower face – jawline and chin – €1650

Full face – entire face – €3000

Radiesse 1,5 ml. – €550

Radiesse neck tightening – €550

Radiesse jawline and neck tightening – €1000

Endolift skin tightening + lichaamseigen PRP / microneedling – €1100

Endolift skin tightening + fillers midface (MINI-MAX) – €1650-€2250

Endolift skin tightening + fillers lowerface (MINI-MAX) – €1650-€2250

Endolift skin tightening + fillers full face (MINI-MAX) – €2500-€3500

**Carte Blanche**

Endolift skin tightening + fillers full face (MINI-MAX) + PRP + Profhilo  – €3000-€4000

PlexR small zone / large zone (pigment/scars/wrinkles and more) – €300 – €500

PlexR skin tightening upper eyelids – €500

PlexR skin tightening lower eyelids – €500

PlexR skin tightening upper face (including upper eyelids and crow’s feet) – €850

PlexR skin tightening midface (including lower eyelids and nasolabial folds) – €850

PlexR skin tightening lower face (including wrinkles around the mouth and jawline) – €850

PlexR skin tightening 2 zones (choice of upper, mid, and lower face) – €1500

PlexR skin tightening full face (including aftercare) – €2000

Upper eyelid correction – soon available

Lipolaser under chin removal– soon available

Lipofilling (treatment of the body or face with the body’s own fat) – soon available

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