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A natural result is the starting point for every treatment. A personal, honest approach, and clear explanations are aspects that people positively evaluate Dr. Brandt on.


I’m super happy with the result!

The treating doctor (Dr. Brandt) is honest and reliable. He provides professional advice on suitable treatments but also does not hesitate to discourage treatments if he deems them unnecessary. The consultation, the treatment, and especially the result exceeded expectations!

Desiree | Liquid facelift | 10-01-2021

I recommend Dr. Brandt to everyone.

Dr. Brandt listens well and provides honest advice, even if something won’t work. He aims for a beautiful and natural result, prioritizing minimal discomfort. Very pleasant experience!

Tom | Botox | 14-02-2021

I will definitely come back.

A lot of attention is given to what you want and expect from the treatment. Truly a 10 for everything.

Chloë | Jawline | 12-03-2021

Love the result

I really like his treatment, he is very understanding and definitely puts effort! I love the result and can’t wait to come back!

Daisy | Botox | 27-03-2021

He takes the time for your desired result and translates it directly into achievable goals. The personalized approach really makes a difference compared to others. Esther

Very beautiful and natural.

Comprehensive and honest advice. Additionally, the treatment has been executed excellently multiple times, and I am very happy with the result. The result looks very natural; Dr. Brandt is definitely recommended!

Marcus | Under-eye bags | 03-04-2021

I will definitely be back!

Not rushed, clear, friendly, and well-done work.

Marije | Botox | 12-04-2021

The appointment was very pleasant.

Friendly reception, and finally, someone who doesn’t insist on follow-up appointments or other treatments but focuses only on what you came for. Top!

Amal | traangootjes | 01-06-2021

I dare to trust Dr. Brandt completely.

I feel heard, and I receive clear explanations. I find the doctor particularly competent; he truly takes the time for me, and I trust his advice. I also feel that we are elevating things together, aiming to maintain a well-groomed, good, and natural appearance.

Jaqueline | Endolift | 12-05-2021

My surroundings didn’t notice anything.

I am pleasantly surprised that you can look much better without surgery, and I will definitely repeat this. There are no visible scars for days on end, only a few small holes and a slight bluish tint that is almost gone the next day. People in my immediate surroundings didn’t realize that I had anything done until I told them, which I found amazing.

Marieke | Under-eye bags | 12-07-2021

In one word: amazing

Chris listens very well to you and then does exactly what you ask. It’s great that he understands exactly what your wishes are and can make it exactly like that!

Adriana | Midface lift with fillers | 16-07-2021

Trust in the doctor.

Dr. Brandt restores your classic beauty. Achieving a beautiful result while preserving your facial expressions, but with a fresher outcome. Dr. Brandt guides you through the world of possibilities and impossibilities. He takes the time for your desired result and translates it directly into achievable goals. The personalized approach truly makes a difference compared to others. Medically, it was a challenge for me to seek help. I had an allergic reaction from a previous treatment and was therefore very cautious. Dr. Brandt took all the time to weigh the risks and took an intermediate step to rule out allergic reactions, resulting in a beautiful outcome and instilling great confidence in the doctor. Highly recommended.

Esther | Smokers lines | 26-09-2021

He gives me a good feeling.

What a warm welcome at the beautiful new location that is easily accessible and where you can park (almost for free) right in front of the door. Once again, Dr. Brandt takes the time to discuss various treatment options with me. He also takes this time for the treatment itself and for explaining what to consider in the coming hours. All of this is for the best possible result. It gives me a good feeling that attention is paid to this. I leave each time with a happy feeling and am very satisfied with the result. In short, highly recommended!

Ellen | Botox | 25-09-2021

He thinks beyond a ‘quick fix.’

Dr. Brandt is a skilled doctor who thinks along with you very well. He goes beyond the ‘quick fix’ solution and always provides advice that he would want himself. This results in a beautiful, but also long-lasting end result. He explains every procedure in detail during the treatment.

Daphne | PRP vampire facial | 24-09-2021

Easily accessible

Very satisfied, Dr. Brandt takes the time, provides clear explanations, discusses multiple options, and offers good aftercare. The clinic is conveniently located, close to the A10, and parking is easy (0.10 euros per hour).

Sandra | Botox | 21-09-2021