Teeth grinding is caused by excessive muscle tension in the chewing muscles, especially at night when teeth and molars unconsciously slide forcefully against each other, creating a grinding or gnashing sound. In the short term, this leads to pain in the chewing muscles, the temporomandibular joint, and even headaches due to continuous increased muscle tension. In the long term, it can cause serious damage to tooth enamel, and the molars or fillings can even crack or break. In the Netherlands, teeth grinding is the third most significant threat to dental health, following cavities and gum diseases. Botox for teeth grinding is an effective treatment because the high muscle tension in the jaws can be reduced, relieving people of teeth grinding.

By using a few Botox injections in the chewing muscles, these muscles can partially relax, significantly reducing or even eliminating the complaints. These injections are generally experienced as pinpricks, and anesthesia is not necessary. The treatment takes only a few minutes, after which you can go home immediately. Depending on the severity of the complaints and the thickness of the muscle, the amount of Botox needed for the treatment is determined. In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment if the desired effect is not achieved. The effect becomes noticeable after a few days and is maximum after about 2 weeks. The duration of action is typically around 3-6 months, and the treatment can be repeated without any problems after this period.

Costs of the treatment

It is possible to combine the treatment with the removal of wrinkles in other parts of the face. Check our price list for the complete overview.

Frown – €175

Frown + eyebrow lift MINI – €250

Frown+ crow’s feet – €300

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift– €350

Frown + crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €400


Crow’s feet – €175

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift – €250

Crow’s feet + eyebrow lift + forehead – €300


Migraine treatment from – €175

Jaw muscles / teeth grinding – €400

Excessive sweating armpits – €550


Botox lips “Lipflip”  – €75**

Under-eye wrinkles with Botox  – €75**

Gummysmile – €75**

Chin dimples – €75**

Bunny lines – €75**

Nosetip lift – €75**


*The prices apply to the standard dosage as per our guidelines.

***For Botox treatments, there is a minimum purchase requirement of 1 zone at a value of €175.

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