Endolifting is a unique treatment that creates a lifting effect on the skin through subcutaneous radiofrequency energy known as “internal heating.” During the recovery phase after the treatment, the skin produces new supporting cells such as collagen and elastin, resulting in skin-tightening and improvement.

 During the treatment, activating injectables such as growth factors (PRP) or volume-restoring fillers can be simultaneously injected for improved skin quality or an additional lifting effect.

The treatment typically lasts 30-45 minutes and is generally not perceived as painful. Since the treatment involves injections, there is always a chance of mild swelling, redness, and a possible bruise. These effects usually subside in the first days after the treatment and can be camouflaged from the next day onwards. The most beautiful results are observed after 6-12 weeks, and the effects last for an extended period. The treatment can be safely repeated and can be done in a series for optimal results.

"The Endolift INNOfill treatments are unique combination treatments that are custom-designed. Various techniques and products come together to restore youthful facial contours and visibly improve skin quality." Christopher J. Brandt - Cosmetic doctor KNMG

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Frequently asked questions

Endolifting is an advanced ‘energy-based’ cosmetic treatment that utilizes energy to achieve skin tightening. During Endolift, the subcutaneous layers are stimulated with a cannula that delivers radiofrequency energy. This leads to ‘internal heating,’ prompting the skin to produce new supporting cells such as collagen and elastin during the recovery phase. Dr. Brandt has performed over 500 Endolift treatments with the ‘Innofill RF filler injection system,’ resulting in stunningly natural outcomes.

The Endolift treatment is more intricate compared to a filler treatment. Especially when the treatment is combined with autologous PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) or fillers, an appointment can easily take 1-2 hours – please keep this in mind. Generally, Endolift is not perceived as painful. If you find it very exciting or are afraid of needles, let us know in advance, and we will work together to make the treatment as pain-free as possible.


The Endolift is a natural way to tighten the skin without scars or prolonged recovery. After a few weeks, the results become visible: the skin feels firmer and looks visibly healthier. For optimal results, the treatment is combined with autologous PRP for even more skin improvement or with fillers for an additional lifting effect from the support points of the face. The results of a treatment are visible for years.


The recovery after Endolifting is generally mild and is comparable to a filler treatment. After a treatment, there may be mild swelling, redness, or discomfort locally – this is quite normal and usually resolves on its own within 24-72 hours. Sometimes, a small bruise may occur during the injection, which typically fades within a few days. Significant bruising is rare. Overall, it is hardly noticeable immediately after a treatment that you have had one. The optimal result of the treatment is visible within 4-8 weeks. 


The Endolift treatment has been extensively tested and deemed safe for cosmetic applications on the face and body. Endolift is not recommended for individuals with a pacemaker or any other implant that emits a rhythm. The treatment is performed using a cannula (flexible tube) from several strategically chosen entry points on the face. At these points, the skin may become warm and, in rare cases, may cause a small temporary burn. This typically heals completely. Dr. Brandt has already performed over 500 Endolift treatments with the ‘Innofill RF filler injection system,’ and the results are remarkably natural.

Costs of the treatment

It is possible to combine the treatment with the removal of wrinkles in other areas of the face. Please check our price list for a complete overview.

The Endolift with body’s own growth factors (PRP) provides a beautiful natural skin improvement with a visible effect on early signs of skin aging.

Endolift skin tightening + body’s own PRP/microneedling – €1100

Package of 2 treatments* – €1950

* Recommended. 2nd treatment after 3 months

The ‘Baselift’ is the latest addition to the clinic’s range and is the signature treatment of Dr. Brandt. It’s a natural skin rejuvenation treatment without surgery or foreign substances.


Loose skin around the eyes and cheeks:

Skin tightening with subcutaneous radiofrequency (INNOfill) + filtered stem cells (without fat cells) and growth factors (PRP) + microneedling – €2450

Package of 2 treatments* – €4550


Lifting treatments for cheeks and jawline:

Skin tightening with subcutaneous radiofrequency (INNOfill) + unfiltered stem cells (with fat cells) and growth factors (PRP) + microneedling – €2650

Package of 2 treatments* – €4950

* Recommended. 2nd treatment after 3 months

Endolift skin tightening + mini-lift midface – €2250

Endolift skin tightening + mini-lift lower face – €2250

Endolift skin tightening + mini-lift full face – €3500

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