Treating the intimate area

Treatments of the intimate area can improve sensitivity and increase confidence. Complaints like dryness, itching/burning sensations, low sensitivity, pain during intercourse or aesthetic complaints can be improved with dermal fillers, PRP or brightening peelings.

UMA academy aesthetic gyneacology

Filler treatment ‘injection labiaplasty’

As we age the volume of the outer labia ‘labia majora’ decreases which can lead to a variety of complaints such as discomfort during sports, recurrent infections and aesthetic complaints. Restoring the volume of the outer labia with fillers like ‘Desyral plus’ results in closure of the inner labia and vaginal slit, creating a youthful appearance and improved comfort. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia and results may last up to 2 years.


‘O-shot’ with PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Decreased sensitivity in the clitoris and G-spot can be improved with PRP injections, this is also know as the ‘O-shot’. PRP can be derived from your own blood and contains growth factors that can improve sensitivity and treat a variety of indications such as vaginal dryness, burning/itching, scarring after surgery (childbirth), lichen sclerosis, stress urinary incontinence and more. For this procedure we draw some blood which will be centrifuged after which the PRP can be extracted for injection. PRP injections can be performed for increased sensitivity of the clitoris and G zone ‘G-spot’, and can also be placed in the vaginal wall to treat dryness. In order to achieve optimal results with PRP a course of 3 sessions is advised.


‘G-shot’ with fillers

The G zone ‘G-spot’ is an area on the anterior (upper) wall of the vagina that has a high concentration of sensory receptors. In some woman it can be difficult to stimulate this area resulting in decreased sensitivity. During the G-shot procedure the location of the G-spot is identified and then enhanced by enlarging the area with dermal fillers like ‘Desyral plus’. After the treatment the G-spot can be stimulated more easily during intercourse resulting in increased sensitivity.


Bleaching of the intimate area with chemical peels

The skin in the genital and perineal area tends to be darker than skin on other parts of the body. The skin colour is determined by different pigment types such as oxyhemaglobin, deoxyhemaglobin, carotenoids and most importantly melanin. With chemical peelings such as ‘Happy intim peel’ darkened skin can be brightened. After cleaning the skin the peeling solution can be applied causing a so called ‘frosting’ effect which leads to renewal and brightening of the upper layer of the skin.

How do we work?

We understand that talking about the intimate area can be a sensitive subject. If you are considering a treatment we will first schedule a consultation together with our consulent Nina. During your first visit we will discuss your wishes, any possible complaints you might have and discuss treatment options that might be suitable for you. Nina will guide you through the process step by step and if you feel comfortable to proceed she will also assist doctor Brandt or doctor Pfahl during any treatments. After the treatment we will provide you with post-care instructions and schedule a check-up if necessary.

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Meet the team

We make sure you are in the right hands.

Dokter Lara Pfahl

Larisa Pfahl

Aesthetic physician

Dr. Larisa Pfahl is an all rounded aesthetic physician, trainer for UMA academy (Amsterdam) and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Merz Aesthetics. With her background in the field of gynecology and breast surgery, she now specializes in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures of the face and body. As a trainer for UMA academy she provides mastercourses in the field of aesthetic gynecology.

dokter brandt cosmetisch arts

Drs. Christopher J. Brandt

Aesthetic physician KNMG

Christopher J. Brandt (BIG: 99916599801) is a certified aesthetic injector and medical director of Kliniek dokter Brandt. Christopher is an ‘aesthetic physician KNMG’ and specializes in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures with Botox, fillers, energybased devices and a variety of regenerative treatments with the bodies own stem cells and PRP growth factors. As a trainer for UMA academy, Merz aesthetics and SEFFLINE academy, he is always up to date on the latest developments in aesthetics and longevity.

“We houden de laatste trends op het gebied van anti-ageing nauw in de gaten en blijven op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen”. Als gecertificeerd cosmetisch arts is dokter Brandt actief betrokken bij de Nederlandse vereniging voor cosmetische Geneeskunde (NVCG)

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Nina van de Pieterman

Clinic Operator

Onze praktijkassistente Nina verwelkomt u tijdens uw bezoek aan de kliniek. Nina zal u helpen met inschrijving, het inplannen van afspraken en assisteert dokter Brandt tijdens behandelingen. Heeft u vragen over cosmetische behandelingen terwijl u wacht? Stel ze gerust aan Nina!