Our philosophy

“A well-executed cosmetic treatment should look natural. This means that others shouldn’t be able to tell that you’ve had a procedure. People might ask if you’ve had a good night’s sleep or if you’ve just returned from vacation, but not if you’ve had a treatment.”



A natural result

“Our appearance is our calling card—the first thing people see. To make a good impression, it’s only natural that we want to look good—and continue looking good.

The foundation for a natural cosmetic result is balance. When the natural proportions of the face are maintained during a treatment, a refreshing rejuvenation effect is achieved. Seeking the “golden ratio” from these natural proportions creates an enhancing beautification effect.

Whether it’s rejuvenation or beautification—Dr. Brandt always aims for a natural balance and harmony. ‘I strive to give the appearance new energy by enhancing it in a natural way.'”

"I always strive for a result that not only looks beautiful and natural but also feels pleasant." Drs. Christopher J. Brandt

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